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This is Where Sharon Behm blogs about the ins and out of the financial world and bookkeeping.

What is Depreciation?

Though it may seem intimidating, the concept of depreciation is fairly simple.  To illustrate depreciation with an easy example, think of a car.  Pretend you just purchased a new car for your business.  You’ve probably heard that the car loses … Continue reading

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Basic Accounting Terms and Concepts

Debits and Credits If you leave this article with any new knowledge of accounting systems, let it be a generalized understanding of debits and credits.  Each entry in an accounting ledger contains a debit and a credit.  All debits must … Continue reading

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Not All Money is Created Equal

Not All Money is Created Equal We came across an interesting article recently which presented the interesting notion that money is not all equal.  This notion refers to not the monetary value of the bill itself, but rather the source … Continue reading

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Organizing Financial Records and Receipts for Business Owners

Maintaining an accurate and thorough financial record for any small business can be a tedious and overwhelming task.  Many business owners face the same questions regarding their financial documents.  What should I keep and for how long?  Is it alright … Continue reading

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Monitoring and Managing Small Business Cash Flow

All business enthusiasts have heard the phrase “Cash is King”.  This seasoned expression may hold more weight then you give it credit for.  When managing finances for a business of any size, cash takes the front seat.  Monitoring and controlling … Continue reading

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Four Easy Tips for Financial Organization in a Small Business

As professional bookkeepers, we interact with various businesses and learn about their financial systems.  We’ve compiled a few key tips to help organize your financial processes and make things run a bit smoother.  These pieces of advice are simple and … Continue reading

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Still Using a Shoe Box? Why Your Accounting System Needs an Upgrade

Are you one of the many small businesses that use a “shoe box” accounting system?  Maybe it’s not a shoe box – perhaps it’s a file cabinet or that bottom desk drawer.  Whatever the space may be, you use it … Continue reading

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Confused by Monthly Financial Statements?

Financial statements and documents are often extensive, complex, and intimidating to understand.  For these reasons, many small business owners aren’t conducting proper analyses of their financial statements – or are just ignoring them entirely.  This article on CNN Money discusses … Continue reading

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Why you should use a bookkeeper

Why should you use a Bookkeeper?  You may be asking yourself, “Why should I hire a bookkeeper?   I ( or a family member) can take care of the bookkeeping for my business and I can save a lot of … Continue reading

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